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    Face Your Fear
    We have designed our games that will need all your combined brains & courage.
    You shall be afraid when you see our brainy challenges.
    Face your fear and plan your escape...
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    Count or Die...
    It's all very well knowing how to use a calculator
    but can you count in your head the old way?
    We set challenges for you that mean you had better get practising.
    It'll be too late to ask for a calculator when you arrive...
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    You're Not Smart Enough
    You might think you are smart.
    You did well at school, your friends tell you so
    and you even think you could join MENSA one day but
    are you really smart enough to take our challenge?
    We doubt it...

About Flee Sixty

What is real-life room escape game?

Flee 60 offers "escape the room" experience by searching the clues and solving puzzles within a time limit. Our interesting story plots specifically designed by experts will definitely blow your mind away. Not only we provide a unique game experience but it is also exciting, addictive, challenging and fun! If you like answering riddles, solving puzzles , looking for challenges and want to be the next Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew, this game is just for you!If you are a traveller, Flee 60 has to be in your Places-to-visit list. Be awed with our amazing games and friendly staff.

Our games are ideal for friends and families. You can play as a team from 2 - 6 players and EXCLUSIVE for your group. We have 5 different themes to choose from and are open 365 days a year and 7 days a week!

Make your reservation reservation ONLINE or call us at 04-8851229.

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Who should play?

Everyone! Flee Sixty is great for all ages and guarantee to delight mystery and puzzle lovers. Flee Sixty is also the place to be for organizing birthdays, anniversaries or late night hang out. If you are a company, this game is the best activity to improve your team dynamics and have some fun with colleagues.

Tourists & Travelers

Tourists & Travelers

Penang has a lot of cultural experiences to offer - heritage, foods and museums. Why not add Flee Sixty to your itinerary?! It is the most unique experience offered in Penang today. You can play as a team of 2 – 6 players & choose from 5 games with completely different mysteries.

Friends & Families

Friends & Families

Going to the movies with your friends and families is so last decade. Come Flee Sixty and experience the latest thing to do in Penang instead! Play as a team of 2 – 6 players & choose from 5 games with completely different mysteries.

Gamers & Pros

Gamers & Pros

You like playing online, you’re probably quite good at it & you might even know about online escape games. Why not test your brainpower and logic by playing an escape game for real – LIVE! You need 2 – 6 players & choose from 5 games with completely different mysteries.

Companies & Events

Companies & Events

There is no better way to do team building than with Flee Sixty. Encourage leadership and improve morale in the workplace by solving the mysterious case together. Contact us directly so that our game planner can assist you on setting up a custom game.

Stay Tuned

New video is coming soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

And the Do's & Don'ts

If you have a weak heart, please inform our personnel beforehand so that we can take note to remove some items for certain games.

Children below the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult to accomplish certain task.

Flee Sixty reserves the right to terminate the game at any point in time if players do not abide to the rules and regulations.

Please do not use any tools which are not designed for the game. Do not spoil your experience by cheating.

Do not damage any of the properties. All items in the rooms do not require any heavy carrying or displacement of objects. If you are unsure of their usage, please call our staff for help. Do note that you will be liable for any damages caused due to rough handling or purposeful acts of destruction.

In order not to affect other player's experience, please keep all the game details private and confidential. Do not share it with your friend who had yet played the game.

What is Flee 60?
Flee 60 is an exciting room escape game. In the game, players are locked in a room and required to use logic and imagination in order to find their way out. Team players are to discover and solve challenging hidden clues and puzzles using critical thinking skills. Your goal is simple – ESCAPE FROM THE ROOM
How long is the duration per game?
Each team is given 60 minutes to escape. No additional time will be given.
Will I be receiving any help during the entire game?
Generally each team are given 2 chances to seek for tips.
How can I make the reservations?
You can make your reservations online or call us at 04-8851229. We also welcome walk-ins. We suggest you to make your reservation in advance to avoid disappointments.
What is the minimum age requirement for the games?
Age is not a problem. However children aged 6-11 should be accompanied by adults.
What is the recommended number of people to participate?
Our recommended number of people to participate is 3 to 5 people. The minimum capacity for each game is 2 and the maximum capacity is 6. The lesser the members, the more challenging the game is!
When should I arrive??
You should arrive 15 minutes before the game starts.
Where should I keep my belongings?
Our friendly staff will provide you a locker to keep your personal belongings.
How should I make my payment?
You may either pay after your online bookings or on the spot.
What do I need to prepare for the game?
Nothing! Just come in and join in the fun! However there are some simple rules and regulation for the game.


Partners Needed

Flee 60 has creativity in creating room escape games and specialized marketing experience to ensure quality of its business.

We aim to expand across the globe, hence we welcome interested partners in any part of the world. We are also open to offers from prospective franchise partners.

You are certainly welcome at any time to be part of the Flee 60 family. Interested partners may leave a message and your contact details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Drop us and email at info@flee60.com

Contact Us

How To Get Here?

We are just right behind Bora-bora Beach Bistro,
follow the guide below if you're using public transport.

By Bus

Take Rapid Bus No.101 and No.102.
Stop in front of Happy Mart, we are just across the road.

By Taxi

For directions to taxi drivers, mention “Bora-bora Beach Bistro, in between THE SHIP RESTAURANT and I LOVE YOU CAFE in Batu Ferringhi” to taxi driver.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us for details whenever in need
because your feedback and responses mean a lot to us.

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Flee Sixty Room Escape

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